Soup in Sickness and in Health


Well, my last week was spent resting up from the sinus/sore throat/death cough/can’t fall asleep for 4 hours funk.

And it is not fun…in case you were wondering.

But there’s nothing that makes your marriage stronger than going together to the walk-in clinic for the same sickness and spending the next three days caring for each other.

You definitely know you’re sick when you’re a foodie and all you eat for a whole day is a piece of toast and you’re not even hungry.


But in sickness and in health I know that soups always make me feel better.

And this Jalapeno Lime Chicken Soup has special healing powers (I would like to think) because it’s brothy, comforting and has some zing from the peppers, red onion and zesty lime juice.


It’s so simple to throw together in less than an hour and makes chicken noodle soup look boring and bland.

If you’re into delicious and easy soups, check out some of my favorites:

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