A Comforting Bowl of Soup

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For months my husband and I had been doing our thing making delicious Curry Dal with my favorite” lentil” chana dal (it’s really made from split garbanzo beans).

And then I decided to get creative and try red lentils.


These guys are much smaller and cook a lot faster, apparently.

I tried to make curry dal with them and it was disaster…a disaster that looked and tasted like salty oatmeal.


And I began to wonder if I was a one-lentil cook. Could I only master one type of lentil? Was I ruined to all other lentils?

Then, I found a Whole Foods recipe for Turkish Red Lentil Soup and decided to carefully try it.

This recipe met my standards by having only a few ingredients and being done in under 30 minutes. And guess what…it tasted great!


The soup is hearty, a little spicy from cayenne, and overall really comforting.

Enjoy this comforting, healthy bowl of Turkish Red Lentil Soup, and remember that if you fail, try, try again!



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