A Gluten-Free Meal

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It’s always good to be challenged and to escape from the norm, right?!

For the past year or so I’ve been trying to invite more people over for dinner. I love hosting and having people in my home…I just need to work on getting over the whole perfectionist hosting thing.

Challenging myself to cook for more people and get out of my sometime stir fry and pizza rut helps me get used to having people around and not worrying about every second they’re there.

I’m getting a lot better at this, and it really helps having a husband who’s happy to help cooking/entertaining.

Recently, we got to have some new friends from church over for lunch, and in my mind (even before I invited them), I had a few meal ideas. I was thinking either One Pot Farro (with fresh summer cherry tomatoes and goat cheese) or Slow Cooker Deconstructed Lasagna.


Then, I found out that my friend doesn’t like tomatoes and recently discovered that she’s gluten intolerant.

So, my meal plan got a bit of a switch as I recalled a great gluten-free meal that my sisters like to make: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers.

I made these tasty peppers and discovered that they were incredibly easy to make, full of flavor, and they made a great meal when paired with chips and guacamole (which is also g-f)!


These could even be vegan without adding the shredded cheese on top. The individual-sized peppers make great leftovers and work lunches, too!

Yeah for friends and family who help us cook and eat in new ways.


What’s your favorite gluten-free recipe?

P.S. I’ve got a tasty g-f dessert coming your way next week!


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