Serious Soup

Chicken wild rice soup

We’re making it through this week, guys. We really are.

Even though the weather is a weird in between summer and fall, too hot for leggings and boots, too cold for skirts, we’re making it through.

We’re enjoying the leaves changing at their own pace, drinking Trader Joe’s samples of apple cider and eating local apples like they’re going out of style.

Chicken wild rice soup

Let’s make some serious comfort food to show fall we’re ready for it and that our crock pot is just within arm’s reach.

This Chicken Wild Rice Soup is sure to do the trick with its incredibly thick texture, taste like the inside of a chicken pot pie and a little bit of fun with wild rice.

Chicken wild rice soup

Start your crockpots. This soup is going to take your idea of comfort food to a whole new level.

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