What Do You Feel Like Eating?

white chicken chili

What kind of things have you been craving for dinner lately?

For me, as with most winter months, I feel like digging into comforting, stick to your ribs, hearty foods.

And this White Chicken Chili fits the bill.

It’s creamy, spicy (so it warms you up) and full of flavor. It’s also got a nice bit of protein to keep you going. And one of the best parts is topping it with all sorts of delicious things like sour cream, avocado, cilantro and cheese.

white chicken chili

I also must mention that I got this recipe from dear friends of ours, the Cornetts, who have fed us so many delicious meals from their kitchen that I can’t even count.

My husband and I have been craving their perfectly spicy and creamy White Chicken Chili for months, and, thanks to the wonderful world of email and text, I was able to get it and replicate this tasty soup!

I just love how food brings us together, don’t you?

Get out your slow cooker, invite some neighbors over and enjoy this White Chicken Chili together!

white-chicken-chili recipe

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