Whole Foods Weekday Takeaway: Week 3


This post is sponsored by Whole Foods Raleigh. All opinions are my own.

Today I’ve got an amazing vegetable-filled Weekday Takeaway from Whole Foods to share with you.

If the Weekday Takeaway is new to you, check out my first and second weeks of meals prepared by the talented Whole Foods chefs in Raleigh.

Here’s the lowdown on this amazing meal plan:

  • It’s only offered at the Raleigh Whole Foods on Wade Avenue.
  • It contains 5 meals for 1 for $50.
  • You can get a vegetarian-friendly set of meals.
  • The meals are wonderfully prepared, flavorful and great to stock your fridge for a week full of dinners (or lunches).
  • This meal plan is perfect for singles but can also be split for many meals between a couple.

This third week of meals really floored me with some scrumptious vegetable-forward mains and sides. And for many of these meals, my husband and I split them by adding in an extra salad or side.

So, here’s what we ate:

Lasagna with Spinach & Gorgonzola Salad

whole foods weekday takeaway

Talk about one of the best cheese lasagnas I’ve ever had. This meal was full of cheese, tomato, basil and yummy spices and paired with a lovely salad with blue cheese, almonds and red onion. Once again, the pasta meals in the Weekday Takeaway never fail to plesae

Green Garbanzo Falafel with Orzo, Sauteed Vegetables & Tzatziki

whole foods weekday takeaway

whole foods weekday takeaway

I LOVE a good falafel, and this meal was all of that and more. The green garbanzo falafel cakes were very herbaceous and a perfect consistency. We decided to make a falafel platter out of this meal by adding in some hummus and pita.

Sage Rubbed Tofu with Baked Apples and Braised Purple Cabbage

whole foods weekday takeaway

I really did not even miss the meat in this veggie meal, especially with this tasty tofu paired with spiced baked apples and tender purple cabbage.

Butternut Squash Soup with Mock Chorizo Crumbles & Salad

whole foods weekday takeaway

This butternut squash soup was creamy and filling, and it even came with what I guess to be soyrizo crumbles for added flavor. The soups in the Weekday Takeaway are always well composed and perfect for the cold weather. This one was also paired with a fresh salad.

Baked Portobello  with Sauteed Spinach and Feta & Cucumber Quinoa

whole foods weekday takeaway week 3

Once again, this meal was super satisfying for a vegetarian one with a few tender mushrooms with herbs and cheese on top and garlicky sauteed spinach. Then, it was paired with a Greek-inspired quinoa with feta, cucumbers and dill.

Thanks again to Whole Foods Raleigh for letting me give this meal plan a try!