Meyer Lemon Season

meyer lemons

I know that Meyer lemons have been around for a long time, but this year was the first time that I got to try them.

Thanks to Trader Joe’s, I had the chance to pick up a bag of 8 or 10 of these lemon-orange hybrids. (P.S. You’ll need two bags to make this recipe.)

There are so many fun ways to use these, whether they’re jazzing up a glass or water, in a unique lemonade or candied or preserved.

Whenever I was deciding what to do with my lemons, I knew that it had to be something sweet that I could use in a lot of different ways. Although I love lemon bars, they don’t last too long around friends and family (or husbands- rightly so).

So, I decided on Meyer Lemon Curd.

meyer lemon curd

It’s been a  few years since I made lemon curd last (for these lemon bars), but I was excited about the prospect of experimenting with this new citrus.

The Meyer Lemon Curd turned out amazingly: silky smooth, thick and great on so many things.

yogurt with berries and lemon curd

I used my curd on top of my breakfast yogurt with fruit (Noosa coconut with berries and curd is my fave), folded into whipped cream for an icebox cake, and even just eaten with a spoon from the jar.

meyer lemon icebox cake

I also got to use some local farm fresh eggs form a friend, which made this lemon delicacy even more special.

If you’ve seen Meyer lemons around your grocery store or farmers market (lucky you), then I highly suggest experimenting with them. The taste is mellow and bright and perfect for this season!

meyer-lemon-curd recipe

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