Curry Secrets

coconut red curry

Hello, Monday!

My husband and I just returned from our week in France, and boy was it amazing. I seriously cannot wait to share all of the photos, adventures and eats with ya’ll…just give me a few days to recovery and put my head back on straight.

Also, thank you to all who took my blog survey. I’m starting to pore over your helpful feedback, and I’ll be selecting the winner of a curated meal plan very soon!

I hope you enjoyed the Travel Week posts last week, but today we’re jumping right back into what I think the blog does best: adventurous and accessible recipes!

Today’s comes in the form of a Coconut Red Curry.

coconut red curry

Now, I’ve shared quite a few curries on the blog: dal, soup, fish, chickpea. But, this recipe from Minimalist Baker¬†helped me accidentally discover some of the best curry I’ve ever made at home!

Here’s the secret: Use 1 can of coconut milk and 1 can of coconut cream.

Here’s another secret: Red curry paste + coconut milk/cream= delicious.

coconut red curry

As you can probably surmise, this made the curry extra thick and creamy. While I didn’t have eggplant on hand, I used a pepper, potatoes, frozen peas and okra. So, basically whatever vegetables you have lying around will work splendidly! Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots: throw them in.

Get ready for a tasty meal and amazing leftovers!

coconut-red-curry recipe card

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