Super Snack Week: Blue Cheese Ball

I never need an excuse to eat snacks.

But I do need an excuse or something to eat when watching sports.

I’m all for watching the Super Bowl with friends and family, as long as there’s something to munch on. And I know that at least half of you out there are in the same camp.

So, it’s as good a week as any to step up your snack game.

That’s why I’m sharing easy, tasty snack ideas throughout this week to help you get ready for this weekend!

Today, we’re starting with an old classic that is coming back and I’m oh so glad: the cheese ball!

I have such fond memories of digging into these creamy, nut-covered appetizers at youth group and friends’ houses. A cheese ball somehow seemed like something that brought people together. It forced you to all eat from the same place. No individual portions here.

You could venture to say that a cheese ball is for people who love community and food.

Maybe that’s why I love them. Or maybe they just seem retro and fun to eat.

Either way, this Blue Cheese Ball is for blue cheese lovers and non-blue cheese lovers (like me) alike. It’s creamy, crunchy, flavorful and crazy easy to throw together.

Enjoy and see you for another snack on Wednesday!

blue-cheese-ball recipe card

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