Mac & Cheese + Tater Tots = Amazing!

mac and cheese tot casserole

I know. I know.

It’s getting a bit warmer (at least where I live), and I’m absolutely soaking up all of the sun. Right now, I’ve got my porch chair pushed out to where my face it out of the sun, but my legs are in the midst of its heat. I know- smart, right?!

Even though it’s a bit unlike February, I have totally been enjoying the warmer temps. I just got my garden seeds in the mail, and we just tilled our new garden spot in the backyard.

But but but…I want you to know that there’s still time to enjoy some amazing casseroles. No matter where you live or what the weather is like, you still have a chance to try out this comforting, simple masterpiece of a Mac & Cheese Tot Casserole!

mac and cheese tot casserole

I’m so glad I stumbled across this recipe on Cake Over Steak (from Molly Yeh’s new cookbook). It was just what my heart/stomach were calling out for.

And after cooking it (well, my husband technically cooked it), it tasted like everything I wanted it to. Mac and cheesy. Earthy broccoli. Crispy and out-of-the-ordinary tots.

mac and cheese tot casserole

We really liked using these tots for extra flavor.

This casserole really shouldn’t need selling. It’s all in the name.

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