Baked Egg Fest!

baked eggs in arugula

I’ve got another slightly unconventional weeknight dinner idea for you…

…baked eggs!

There is so much that you can do with this treatment of our ingredient of the month! You can combine it with any number of vegetables (greens, potatoes, squash) and it cooks super quickly in the oven. It looks totally Instagram-worthy in a cast iron skillet, too.

For this lovely Baked Eggs in Arugula recipe, we’re depending on Yotam Ottolenghi’s genius (author of Plenty) for a baked egg dish that’s packed full of flavor.

baked eggs in arugula

You’ve got your peppery greens. You’ve got your creamy eggs. You’ve got your slightly spicy butter sauce. And you finish it all off with some garlicky yogurt. Wow!

It packs a healthy punch.

Even if you accidentally break one of your yolks, you’re good.

baked eggs in arugula

Adventurous, accessible weeknight dinner accomplished! (Come back later in the week for another baked egg recipe.)

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