A Tasty Shrub

summer shrub cocktail

Have you heard of shrubs before?

If you’re into the cocktail world, then you probably have. But, if not, it’s typically a fruit syrup preserved with vinegar (also known as drinking vinegar). I think the story goes that farmers used to preserve their harvested fruit by creating a shrub syrup.

If you’re someone who likes forward, refreshing flavors (and kombucha tea), then you will love shrubs. They’ve got a nice punch, and they bring some complexity to cocktails.

We were lucky enough to score some of Crude Bitters & Sodas barrel-aged black tea shrub, and it made this cocktail so delicious!

summer shrub cocktail

Without even realizing that the shrub was aged in apple brandy barrels, I decided to use our Fair Game apple brandy for the spirit in this one. It was a match made in cocktail heaven!

For the upcoming warm summer days, this Summer Shrub will be your best friend to cooling down and celebrating with others.

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