coconut muffins

Spring/Easter Muffins

Spring is here, and we’ve definitely been experiencing the April showers here in North Carolina.

But, we’ve also had some gorgeous 70-degree days which I’m holding on to and enjoying as much as possible (even if that means I have to inhale pollen).

I really do love the month of April.

It’s always been special to me. I always thought April would be the perfect month to get married in Arkansas- not too hot, not too cold. And I was lucky enough to get to do just that smack dab in the middle of the month almost 5 years ago!

There’s something about the bright, green, fresh changes of April that make you feel like a bear coming out of hibernation and that anything is possible. I find myself making food resolutions upon food resolutions (including baking more fruit pies), but also wanting to get out and exercise more. Those two should go hand-in-hand after all.

Ah, I just love April.

This April, we get to celebrate Easter, which means that we are reminded of where our hope lies…and we also get to typically enjoy a special meal with others.

coconut muffins

With Easter, I love the hot cross buns, coconut cakes, quiches, spring veggies, chocolate peanut butter eggs. I could go on and on, but I’ll just suffice it to say that these Coconut Muffins I’m sharing with you today are the perfect Easter companion.

You can make them in 1 bowl, they’re not too healthy or too unhealthy, and they kind of taste like a coconut macaroon in muffin form.

coconut muffins

I hope this recipe, photos or the ideas behind them can help you usher in this hope-filled new season of thankfulness and light.

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