Ingredient of the Month: Thyme


You might have thought that this month’s start ingredient would have been strawberries or rhubarb or something seasonal, and I thought about those. But, I decided on going with an ingredient that I’ve been using a lot lately and is wonderful for EVERY season!

Let’s talk about thyme.

It’s an herb that is crazy easy to grow and has lots of wonderful uses in sweet and savory dishes.

Tell me more:

Thyme is a green herb that consists of very small leaves on thin stems.  Once thyme starts growing, it can turn into quite a shrub. It is in the mint family and also related to oregano.


Where do I buy thyme:

If you don’t have some growing yet (you should definitely get some from your farmers market or grocery store and try it out), or you can buy fresh thyme from any grocery store. You can also buy dried thyme for use in many dishes.

How do I store thyme:

Once thyme is cut, it should be used immediately if possible. If you bought fresh thyme from the store, then keep it in its plastic container or a baggy in the fridge to use within a few weeks. Dried thyme can be stored in an airtight container in your pantry for a year or more.

How do I cook with thyme:

The most important thing to note about cooking with fresh thyme is that you need to gently pick the leaves off of the thin stems and discard the stems. I like to hold the stem at the top then run two fingers downward to easily collect the leaves. You can use the stems in some cases.


Thyme is a wonderful herb to put on any roasted meats or vegetables. It’s also great to lend flavor to your roasted chicken and roasted vegetables (or grilled)!

Here are some other ideas for cooking with thyme:

Now, thyme is on your side!