New with the Old

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*Reposting this recipe from the archives (April, 2014) because I just made these recently and remembered how amazing they are. Enjoy!

I like to live a life that mixes the new and the old.

New adventures mixed with the old standards.

Nature walks (which I’ve always loved) in new neighborhoods.

Eating at new restaurants while still visiting the all-time favorites.


There’s got to be a balance with the familiar and the new in life.

After moving to North Carolina 2 and a half months ago, I’m beginning to finally find this balance.

I’m getting in the hang of my new farmers market stops, best bakeries and favorite places to eat – all the while leaving plenty of time to try new things (like craft beer).

I found that this coconut oil Peanut Butter Cookie recipe was the ideal mix of familiarity with a twist.


These cookies still have that warm, nutty flavor and slight crunch of your favorite peanut butter cookie. But the coconut oil and extra dough time in the fridge make them soft, cake-like and puffed in the middle.

The best of both cookie worlds for you to enjoy.


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