Weekday Chickpea Taco Bowls

chickpea taco bowls

Mexican food is always my go-to.

Whether we want a quick and easy dinner or we want to go out to a not-too-expensive and super flavorful meal, Mexican almost always wins.

Also, I grew up in Arkansas, and we have some seriously good Tex Mex there. And I took several trips to Mexico as a teenager, where I got a taste for spicy salsas, fresh lime juice on everything and carne asada tacos (not to mention bowls of posole).

chickpea taco bowls

In fact, this last week, I think we ate nachos, tacos and taquitos for several different meals throughout the week. I’m hooked to corn, beans, rice, chili powder and cumin…what can I say?!

If you’re like me and have a serious craving for Mexican or Tex Mex food, then you have got to try these Chickpea Taco Bowls. Thanks to Food52 for the recipe!

chickpea taco bowls

You take the simple chickpea and jazz it up with onions and spices, then throw it on some rice and top with all of the burrito bowl toppings you love (cheese, onion, cilantro, lettuce, pickled onions or jalapenos).

Bonus points for mixing your favorite hot sauce (ours is Valentina) with sour cream for topping!



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