Garden Update

Year two of gardening sure has been interesting.

You might remember my garden plan post over the spring. It’s been many days and nights, planting, watering and growing since then. There have certainly been ups and downs.

But like they say: You live and you learn.

We decided to try something new this year by planting in the ground (instead of a raised bed). Within my old rasied bed from last year, we planted an herb garden.

The herb garden has done great with beautiful lavender (the heat has gotten the best of it now, but it was thriving through June), luscious basil, sturdy thyme, sage, chives, rosemary and even a few tomato plants that popped up from last year’s seeds.

Meanwhile, it’s been a struggle to get things to grow like I want in the garden.

First, there were the animals. We’re not totally sure if it is/was rabbits, deer or what, but something was definitely nibbling on the plants. And they even took my first little muskmelon . (sad face)

I find I have more and more appreciation for farmers and people who grow things for a living. It takes a lot of time, effort and patience, and you’re not guaranteed a thing. But, thankfully we came up with a few semi-fixes. Like the low-tech “fence” that we built with wire and wood stakes.

Then, there were the weeds!

I’ve weeded the garden a few times, and my mother-in-law has, too, and yet they just keep coming back. Also, pulling weeds is one of the hardest things I’ve done.

But so far, my cherry tomatoes (regular and black cherry) are finally maturing, and I’ve got a few other full-sized tomato plants still going. Oh and we have already enjoyed some jalapeno peppers. For my bell peppers, one plant was eaten and the other just never grew strong enough.

I’m definitely looking forward to more tomatoes and peppers throughout August!

Because of the “difficulties” with the new garden this year, I think we might just do tomatoes and peppers in the herb garden and pots close to the house to keep them safe.

How’s your garden? If you have a garden story you would like to share, comment below!