Ingredient of the Month: Blackberries


I’ve created a nice annual tradition for the past two years: blackberry picking at a local farm.

Right before or on the 4th of July, I hop in the car and drive about 15 minutes south (I think) to this quaint farm where there are dozens of rows of blackberries and sometimes blueberries and raspberries. In my few years of experience, I’ve come to find that picking blackberries is the most enjoyable as raspberries are really hard to find and blueberries are smaller and therefore take longer to fill up a bucket.

blackberry picking

See my 4 tips for blackberry picking

So, in honor of all of the rest of you blackberry picking (or picking them up at the farmers market or grocery store), bejeweled and tart-sweet blackberries are our Ingredient of the Month.

Tell me more:

Blackberries are a dark purple/black fruit grown on stems or bushes that ripen in the summer. They contain many tiny seeds, and they are high in antioxidants.


Where do I buy blackberries?

If you don’t have a blackberry farm/bush nearby, then you can find them at your local farmers market or at the grocery store likely near the raspberries and other fresh fruits.

How do I store blackberries?

Fresh blackberries need to be rinsed and left on the counter for a day or two or stored in the refrigerator to preserve freshness. To freeze berries, wash and freeze on an even layer on a cookie sheet in the freezer, then put into a large plastic bag. If you bought berries from the grocery store, then keep them in the refrigerator.


How do I cook with blackberries?

So, we all know that blackberries are heavenly popped straight into your mouth, paired with fresh whipped cream or with summer’s best vanilla ice cream, but there are many more options, too.

Here are some of my blackberry ideas:

Happy summer!