Cookout Staple Mac & Cheese

macaroni and cheese

You know that feeling when you find a recipe that is so good you know you’ll be making it over and over again over the years?

It’s a good feeling, and I definitely had it the first time I made this Mac & Cheese recipe. I got it from a friend and was amazed by the simplicity, the amount of cheese and the custardy, delicious outcome.

There’s nothing fancy about this macaroni and cheese, but when you use good ingredients (Kerrygold butter, a nice sharp cheddar, crispy panko) the final dish will surely impress. It’s as simple as cooking pasta, making a roux, grating a bunch of cheese and combining it all, topped with buttered breadcrumbs.

macaroni and cheese

Also, this recipe could feed an army! I’ve made it for a few large gatherings, and we’ve still had leftovers.

If you’re a cheese or mac and cheese lover, then you must try this easy variation!


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