Summer Corn Dip

cold smokey corn dip

I have a friend who makes the best hot corn dip.

You know, the one with jalapenos, sour cream, sweet corn kernels and baked until gooey and creamy.

It’s so good that I ask whenever there is a potluck if she is bringing it.

cold smokey corn dip

Well, today’s corn dip recipe is similar but different. It’s got a lot of the familiar flavors: cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, jalapeno and corn with a few new flavors. The new guys on the scene are smoked paprika and chives. And this dip is best served cold (or room temperature).

But, it’s totally picnic approved and tastes great with corn chips, potato chips and tortilla chips.

It’s cold. It’s smoky. It’s sweet and spicy and creamy. What more could you want?


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