Food Adventures: Homemade Dumplings

homemade dumplings

I would highly recommend creating a food adventure for you or your family.

Whether it’s having a homemade pizza night, ordering a cuisine of take-out that you’ve never had before, or making your favorite food from scratch, it’s good to shake things up sometimes.

It’s always fun to explore new tastes and stretch your boundaries as a home cook.

homemade dumplings

My husband and I did this recently when we decided to make homemade Chinese dumplings, everything from scratch. It also helped a lot that Saveur led the way with the recipe instructions and encouragement.

Although it took some elbow grease, I made successful dumpling dough, and it wasn’t that hard. I also got the chance to make some amazing scallion pancakes. This was especially impressive for someone who is usually horrible at making doughs.

homemade dumplings

We went with classic pork and chive dumplings, and the recipe made a ton. Thankfully, my husband was pumped to eat a lot of them, and I also froze some. It was fun figuring out how to roll the dough, how to fill the dumplings and finally cooking them in boiling water.

homemade dumplings

I think food adventures are really great for couples wanting to have a fun date night in, too!

Needless to say, our dumpling feast, accompanied by the pancakes and stir-fry asparagus and Brussels sprouts, was delicious and exciting. Sure, the dumplings weren’t perfect but they were ours!

So, what will your next food adventure be?