Ingredient of the Month: Dates


Let’s talk about dates.

Not the going out kind, but the eating kind!

Normally with these Ingredient of the Month posts, I highlight an ingredient that I love using that you may or may have not tried. Today, I’m sharing an ingredient that I am hoping to start using more but am relatively new to!

So, dates, what’s up with these sweet, pruney looking fruits?


Tell me more:

Dates or date palm is a very sweet fruit that is often used in Middle Eastern food. They are cylindrical and red or yellow. Dried dates (which is what you will usually find in the grocery store) are more dark purple or black.

Where do I buy dates:

You can find dried dates at many grocery stores or specialty food stores. I bought Medjool dates at Trader Joe’s.

Where do I store dates:

Dried dates can be stored at room temperature until opening, then they should be refrigerated and can last a year.


How do I cook with dates:

Dates are a really great sugar substitute, which is why you’ll often find them in baking recipes. If you’re looking for a healthier way to sweeten things like baked goods or smoothies, then dates might be right up your alley!

Here are some more great date ideas: