Labor Day Meal Plan

It’s always nice to have a little holiday to plan some extra special meals with family or friends.

Earlier in the week while driving to work, I started dreaming of what special meal we would enjoy this weekend. These chicken wings have been on my list for awhile, but I’ve recently been reminded that I don’t eat enough seafood.

I already bought the ingredients for some of this classic spinach dip, so that’s definitely happening.

For the main meal, it’s got to be something on the grill, so I think we’ve landed on grilled shrimp tacos or tostadas. I’m grabbing some shrimp from Locals Seafood. I would love to do some black beans and green rice on the side. There will also be guacamole and chips, obviously.

For drinks, I’m not sure yet but there are always some local beers in the fridge for sipping. I also have some leftover key limes on hand that could make a tasty limeade.

What are you thinking for your special weekend meal?