A Date with Sticky Toffee Pudding

sticky toffee pudding

I’ve been wanting to make this dessert for months, or years…it’s been on my list for awhile!

It’s likely that I’ve been craving it since discovering it, which might have been when I went on a college choir trip to Ireland. At the retreat center where we were staying, they served us some amazing cakes (or puddings) with incredibly buttery sauces. I mean, in the bowl, half of the height of the cake would be covered in sauce. It was amazing!

sticky toffee pudding

And now I know that it was so amazing because the sauce was made of butter, vanilla and sugar. But, seriously, what’s not to love about a delicious, spice-filled cake covered in a caramel-like sauce?!

Dates (our Ingredient of the Month) make this cake extra moist and special. (Sorry if you hate that word. I just think it’s great used to describe baked goods.)

sticky toffee pudding

Also, if you’re looking for a Great British Baking Show inspired treat, then this just might be it. Paul and Mary approved!

sticky-toffee-pudding recipe card

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