Fall Fave Recipes

Finally, finally, finally, it is below 90 degrees and the cold, crisp air is coming through.

Everyone is going apple picking, and we’re all stocking up on well, stock, and butter and everything you need to make some amazing soups, casseroles and baked goods.

It’s fall, y’all!

And I’m raring to make some amazing fall recipes. Some from my blog that I’ve made before and some from others that I’ve always hoped to make!

So, here’s my list of current and hopefully future fall faves:


We all know that chili is a fall/winter staple. And I’ve made some super tasty chilis myself, from white chicken to classic to vegetarian in a skillet. I’ve also seen recipes for chili with cornbread topping which intrigues me greatly.

Chicken & Dumplings

I have dreamed of making chicken and dumplings for quite awhile, and it seems like this season might be a great time to do it. It’s one of those southern dishes that I’ve only had at potlucks or heard about people making, so it would be fun to make at home sometime soon!

Beef Stew

A lot of my fall recipes include meat, but I guess we don’t cook it too much so that’s OK. I’m still a fan of #meatlessmonday, though! I’ve also never made a beef stew, and it sounds like just the thing to fill with chunks of tender carrots and potatoes, and eat while watching a British mystery show during a good rain.

Shepherd’s Pie

I keep running across tasty-looking lamb recipes, like shepherd’s pie. I love mashed potatoes and casseroles, so I might have to make this classic for the first time.

What are you planning on making this fall?