grilled potato skins

Simple Saturday: Grilled Potato Skins

Isn’t it funny how we all have really sophisticated foods that we like, while at the same time there is some really junky stuff that we get excited about eating.

I assume I am not the only one who is this way.

While I love fresh oysters, a fine wine and nouveau French food, I’m also a big fan of Cookout burgers (if you don’t live in NC, sorry), Oreos and Fritos.

I suppose our varied tastes are what makes the world go round, and I still think all things in balance.

So, with that in mind, today I’m giving you a recipe that is more on the tailgate side (one you may not expect to see on this blog) but yet it is easy and tasty!

We discovered these Grilled Potato Skins a few months ago and found them to the perfect pairing with our grilled burgers. They’re also fun to get into the toppings. Hello, chive Kerrygold butter (classing it up a bit). Then, you can throw on cheese, bacon and sour cream.

They’re the perfect crispy, soft boats of flavor for your last grill of the summer/fall/whatever season you’re in.

grilled potato skins

Here’s how you make Grilled Potato Skins:

  1. Microwave a few washed and pricked potatoes for 4-5 minutes on high until mostly cooked through.
  2. Let the potatoes cool a bit and slice in half, scooping out most of the insides (and setting aside for mashed potatoes or potato cakes).
  3. Brush the insides with butter or chive butter and throw on a medium grill, skin side down, for 10 minutes or so until they start to brown on the bottom.
  4. Take off the grill and top with cheese, chives, sour cream, bacon and/or green onions and enjoy!