The Best Pumpkin Bars

pumpkin bars

One time I was hosting a dinner party for 8-10 friends.

And I needed a killer dessert that was a little sweet, a little interesting and could feed a crowd. Oh, and it needed to be super easy to whip up because no one wants to waste precious dinner party planning time making a dessert for hours.

Then, The Best Pumpkin Bars came into my life.

pumpkin bars

Well, technically they came into my life when my mom made them recently and reminded me of how amazing they are.

This recipe is easy. It’s tasty. It’s interesting. It’s not too sweet, but just sweet enough.

pumpkin bars

Dare I say, it’s perfect!

See what you think…and get excited about an easy way to make an entire pan of pumpkin bars, whether it’s a weekday dessert or Thanksgiving family showstopper.

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