Pastry-Topped Apple Pandowdy

apple pandowdy

Am I the only one who gets excited when they hear of a food with an unusual name?!

I am a pretty curious person (like the type of person who always looks up words they don’t know), so I love learning new food knowledge. That’s probably also why I have the capacity to sustain a food blog for 6 years and not get bored…and cause you readers are so awesome!

apple pandowdy

So, when I saw that Bon Appetit had a recipe for Apple Pandowdy and that it combined the season’s best apples and puff pastry, I was all about it!

This is a fun and fairly simple recipe if you want to try something different than the classic apple pie or turnover type of thing.

apple pandowdy

Also, it’s apple season, y’all!!!

Specifically, we finally have Pink Lady apples at my farmer market, and I am ecstatic. Grab some of those or the classic Granny Smith and get ready for a unique and delicious dessert.

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