Beans N’ Leaves Tea Subscription Box

Calling all tea and coffee lovers!

Side note: Are there people who don’t like tea or coffee? Would those be people who only drink plain water…or only La Croix?

Either way, it’s safe to say that most of us enjoy a warm beverage in the morning or on a break. It’s a treat to help us relax, start conversations or enjoy a moment to ourselves.

With all of the subscription boxes out there these days (for dog toys, food, makeup and more), it’s wonderful to know that there is such a thing for us hot beverage drinkers.

beans n' leaves tea box

Enter Beans N’ Leaves. It’s a lovely service that provides you with a box of tasty, unique tea or coffee delivered right to your door. Or you can even get a combo of both artisan tea and coffee selections.

Y’all probably know by now that I’m a tea drinker through and through, so I opted for the Tea Box.

beans n' leaves tea box

I was pleased to open a box full of interesting tea flavors, both black and herbal! I was thrilled to see rooibos chai (one of my faves) in the mix, as well as a super tasty pumpkin pie tea and a smoky pu’er.

beans n' leaves tea box

In addition to the teas, the box contained a nice little silver teaspoon, some honey sticks and a nutrition bar. I really like how the box is helping me transition to using loose leaf tea, as well. Loose leaf really is so much better and stronger than the packets, so it’s worth the switch.

beans n' leaves tea box

Learn more about Beans N’ Leaves and order your box online.