Ingredient of the Month: Extracts

I’m going full holiday mode in the Ingredient of the Month!

This is your perfect partner for baking, your creative touch for confections and your secret to successfully flavored sweets: Extracts.

By extracts, I mean vanilla, almond, peppermint, orange and any other flavor of extract you may have or want to try!

These little bottles (when you buy the pure kind) are full of so much flavor and can add an interesting touch to many recipes.

Tell me more about extracts:

Flavor extracts are a bit like bitters, made from leaving a certain flavoring to sit in alcohol for an extended amount of time. There are even several easy recipes out there to make your own extract!


Where can I buy extracts:

You can buy the basic flavor extracts at your grocery store or specialty food store. Just make sure you buy those labeled “pure” that have a better flavor than those labeled “imitation.”

Pro tip: I live by my Mexican vanilla, and I highly suggest going to a Mexican grocery store to buy your vanilla. It’s so much more flavorful, and a decent sized bottle will last for a long time!

How do I store extracts:

I store my extracts in my pantry, which is also cool and dark. The great thing about those flavoring agents is that they usually last for a year or more (especially since you only use a little at a time).

How do I cook with extracts:

Most the uses for flavoring extracts are for baking purposes, but there are so many ways to jazz up your recipes with them!

One trick my mom taught me is to put a little vanilla extract on your morning fruit and yogurt. It sweetens it up a little bit and adds some nice vanilla flavor.


Other ways to use extracts: