Simple, Slow-Cooked Pork Ragu

Although my husband and I made this for the first time last Valentine’s Day, it’s fresh on my mind since we just made it for New Year’s Eve dinner.

Here’s the deal with this pork ragu:

  • It’s easy: Just sear meat, add some stuff to the pan, throw it in the oven, then combine with pasta.
  • It’s slow-roasted but a no-brainer: It cooks for 3-4 hours in the oven, but all you have to do is turn it a few times.

pork ragu

  • It’s great for date night or a group: It cooks enough for 6, so you can feed a crowd or just have lots of leftovers.
  • It’s comfort food: The flavor is rich and coats the pasta to create a perfect one-bowl meal.

pork ragu

I really love cooking with pork shoulder, whether it’s tacos or BBQ, because it’s a cheaper cut of meat and it just falls apart when you slow cook it.

Whether you need a warm winter meal or you’re craving pasta, this Pork Ragu will fill your stomach with delicious flavor!

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