Ingredient of the Month: Leeks


Have you ever tried cooking with leeks?

They’re such a neat ingredient, onion-ey without being too overpowering. And they have this subtle delicious flavor that’s amazing in soups and lots of other French dishes.

Although they may take up an entire shelf of your refrigerator, they’re a great vegetable to have on hand!

Tell me more about leeks:

Leeks are a part of the allium family (think onions, garlic, etc.) They are large and have long white to green stalks, and the white stem and part of the green stem and leaves are edible.

Where can I buy leeks and how much do they cost:

You can find leeks at your local farmers market (perhaps) or at your grocery store in the produce aisle. Look for leeks that have tough green leaves and are not bruised. I usually buy mine in a bundle with a few leeks in the Organic product section of my grocery store, and they’re typically a $2-3 dollars per pound.

How do I store leeks:

Leeks can be stored in their produce bag or a plastic bag in your refrigerator for 1-2 weeks.

How do I cook with leeks:

The really crucial thing with leeks is to make sure you get them clean, since they often carry dirt within the green leaves. You can do this by washing the outside of the entire leek, then peeling off the first layer of green leaves (like you might with a green onion) and rinsing inside of the leaves still attached to the leek. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

After you clean them, you can chop off some of both ends, then slice to use in lots of recipes.

Here are some leek recipe ideas to get you started:

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