Ingredient of the Month: Extracts

I’m going full holiday mode in the Ingredient of the Month! This is your perfect partner for baking, your creative touch for confections and your secret to successfully flavored sweets: Extracts. By extracts, I mean vanilla, almond, peppermint, orange and any other flavor of extract you may have or want to try! These little bottlesRead more

Ingredient of the Month: Plain Yogurt

This may be a little unexpected. Today’s ingredient is something that you’ve probably overlooked. You might pass it in the grocery store and think, who would want to eat that? Or you might have it in your fridge and never have used it for anything other than breakfast. Well, I’m here today to lift thisRead more

Ingredient of the Month: Blackberries

I’ve created a nice annual tradition for the past two years: blackberry picking at a local farm. Right before or on the 4th of July, I hop in the car and drive about 15 minutes south (I think) to this quaint farm where there are dozens of rows of blackberries and sometimes blueberries and raspberries.Read more

Ingredient of the Month: Thyme

You might have thought that this month’s start ingredient would have been strawberries or rhubarb or something seasonal, and I thought about those. But, I decided on going with an ingredient that I’ve been using a lot lately and is wonderful for EVERY season! Let’s talk about thyme. It’s an herb that is crazy easyRead more

Ingredient of the Month: Eggs

Today’s Ingredient of the Month is something that you all probably already have in your fridge. I mean, even lots of vegetarian people eat eggs because they’re such a good source of protein and are so incredibly versatile. Eggs are made for frying, scrambling, poaching, baking and accompanying whatever you’re cooking with ease. They’re almostRead more

Ingredient of the Month: Smoked Paprika

We’re delving into the world of a very unique and versatile spice today as our Ingredient of the Month for February. It’s OK to be honest with ourselves that there just aren’t many new ingredients of types of produce that are coming on the scene in February. We’re still munching on our sweet potatoes, broccoliRead more

Ingredient of the Month: Butternut Squash

I’m sitting here, looking out at patches of snow in my yard and thinking about cooking in the winter. Winter cooking is comforting, warm and filling. You want it to be satisfying yet also healthful and colorful (even though the world is a little less colorful). Winter ingredients are a little more tricky to seekRead more

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