Summer Corn Dip

cold smokey corn dip

I have a friend who makes the best hot corn dip.

You know, the one with jalapenos, sour cream, sweet corn kernels and baked until gooey and creamy.

It’s so good that I ask whenever there is a potluck if she is bringing it.

cold smokey corn dip

Well, today’s corn dip recipe is similar but different. It’s got a lot of the familiar flavors: cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, jalapeno and corn with a few new flavors. The new guys on the scene are smoked paprika and chives. And this dip is best served cold (or room temperature).

But, it’s totally picnic approved and tastes great with corn chips, potato chips and tortilla chips.

It’s cold. It’s smoky. It’s sweet and spicy and creamy. What more could you want?


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Impress with Scallion Pancakes

scallion pancakes

I’ve said it before on the blog, but I’m no good at making bread…unless it doesn’t contain yeast.

I haven’t got the hang of working with yeast yet (and I mostly stay away from it), BUT I can do wonders in yeastless breads like chapati, cheese bread and these scallion pancakes.

scallion pancakes

If you’ve never had a scallion pancake, they’re a popular item at Chinese restaurants. They are flat yet layered crispy, sesame and scallion-flavored little triangles. Oh my goodness, they are so good!

And now that you can learn how to make them at home, you can impress everyone you’re feeding AND not have to deal with soggy scallion pancakes when you get take-out.

scallion pancakes

Trust me, if I can make this dough and the pancakes, then you definitely can!

If you want to make a tasty sauce to along with it, then combine equal parts soy sauce with black vinegar and add in some scallions if you have extra.

All it takes is a little bit of time and some rolling pin action, then fry ’em up and you’re good to dip and eat.


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Healthy Party Dip

spinach yogurt dip

Party appetizers are always on my mind.

Whenever I get invited to a shindig, the wheels immediately start turning with what new recipe I can try or old standard I can dust off to impress and enjoy.

Do you do this, too?

It’s usually going to be low on ingredients (or maybe even utilize ingredients I’ve already got on hand). It has to be portable. And it’s a total bonus if it’s healthy.

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Simple Saturday: 5 Minute Cheese Plate

5 minute cheese plate

Just because you don’t have a lot of time on your hands doesn’t mean that you can’t be fancy.

And just because you’re throwing together a quick dinner party, doesn’t mean that there’s no time for some tasty apps.

Wondering what those quick and fancy apps could possibly be?

Enter the beloved cheese plate.

5 minute cheese plate

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Love in Pastry Form

savory palmiers

In the honor of Valentine’s Day week, I felt that I might need to have a V-day themed dish to share.

I’m not totally sure what romantic food looks like, but I do know that butter and pastry bring people together.

And I know that when I made these Savory Palmiers, they came out shaped sort of like hearts, which is adorable.

This lovely recipe for sun-dried tomato, goat cheese and pesto pastries comes from Ina Garten. If anyone knows entertaining with tasty food, this lady does.

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Simple Saturday: Lighter Dip

onion dip

I love dips.

In fact, my coworkers and I all love dip so much that we once hosted a “Dip Day” potluck…and it was amazing.

Put it on a chip, put it on a carrot, put it on some bread. Dips are so versatile and delicious!

I made this dip recently that is a play on the classic french onion dip where you caramelize your own onions and combine them with yogurt, a little mayo, Worcestershire sauce and some seasonings.

It’s creamy but still has a lightness about it.

This would be a perfect Super Bowl dip to impress your friends and not weigh them down.

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Fancy Apps and Zerts

I am a big fan of the show Parks and Recreation.

It’s funny, it’s smart and I can see a little bit of myself in Amy Poehler’s character.

One of my favorite phrases that Tom (Aziz Ansari) comes up with on the show is “apps and zerts” as in appetizers and desserts. Watch his explanation of the phrase here.

I was asked to prepare some snazzy apps and zerts for a friend’s lingerie shower recently.

After getting some advice from my mom and hitting up the new Fresh Market store in Rogers, I was set to bring on the girly party with 2 apps and 2 forms of a zert, if you will.

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