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Peanut Vegetable Red Curry

Are you ready for another easy and delicious curry recipe? I’ve had some interesting conversations with friends recently about curry. There seem to be people who really like it (surprise- I’m in this camp), and others who are scared of it.     If you’re in the no-go camp, then I just challenge you to try […]

Slow Cooker Chicken Tinga

This might be one of the simplest recipes on think fruitful…and that’s saying something since I have a series called Simple Saturday. This recipe is one of those that takes 5 minutes to prep and makes about 10 meals, based on how hungry you and your loved ones are. Several of our local Mexican restaurants […]

Chicken & Dumpling (Well, Gnocchi) Soup

Y’allllll. Y’all, ya’ll! This is one of the better recipes I’ve made in awhile (and that’s saying a lot since I’ve made some goodies recently). You start with a humble rotisserie chicken, and then you use all of its fat and flavor to make THE BEST chicken broth over about half an hour. It’s unctuous […]

vegan meals

25 Vegan Meal Ideas

This week, I’m having a friend over who can’t eat dairy. And that got me thinking: What type of meals are good for vegans and non-dairy folks? Although my husband and I don’t eat a ton of meat (just 1-2 meals per week), I do love my butter, milk and cream. On the other hand, I […]

Farro Salad

If you need something to eat for lunch this week. If you’re out of ideas for healthy recipes. If you’re running out of patience with your New Year’s resolution to eat better. Then, this Farro Salad is just for you! It’s full of goodness: pecans, feta, green onion and parsley. Then, the bright dressing comes […]

Simple, Slow-Cooked Pork Ragu

Although my husband and I made this for the first time last Valentine’s Day, it’s fresh on my mind since we just made it for New Year’s Eve dinner. Here’s the deal with this pork ragu: It’s easy: Just sear meat, add some stuff to the pan, throw it in the oven, then combine with pasta. […]

Slow Cooker French Dips

This is one of those rare times that I offer you a classic, meat-focused recipe…so get excited! I happened to be craving a good French dip sammy a few weeks ago, and so I set out to find a nice slow cooker recipe that would make flavorful and tender meat with a tasty dipping sauce. The […]

Vegan Chili (That is My New Favorite)

Ok, you might be thinking after last week’s post and this post that I’m going vegan. Well…I’m not. I think that’s great if you want to be vegan, but I’m sticking with my yogurt and cheese. But, I do like the idea of eating a more plant-based diet. Believe it or not, this recipe rivals […]

Slow Cooker Recipes to Make This Season

My coworker was recently telling me that she is about to get her first slow cooker. I loved seeing her excitement, and then she asked what type of slow cooker recipes were on my blog. So, I created this post is my answer to that age-old question: What should I make in my slow cooker? It […]