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In addition to being a blogger, did you know that I have a Journalism degree and over four years of professional editing and proofreading experience?

As a meticulous, detailed person, I really love taking written words and honing them to make the message clear and effective.

And I would love to help you make your blog post, blog page, social media posts, resume or really anything you need cleaner, well-edited and look more professional. For the price of a lunch out ($20), I will quickly make your post sparkling clean and easier for your readers to understand. I can also be hired for larger projects for $40/hour.

Even if you’re editing your own writing, it’s always best to have another set of eyes to catch mistakes and improve the clarity of the piece.

If you are interested in my editing services, please email me at gracecflack@gmail.com.

In the past, I have done freelance writing, editing, web and social media work for nonprofits, financial institutions, restaurants and marketing companies.

See some of my writing/editing work here:

Thanks for helping me use my skills to make the internet and world a more well written and enjoyable place.

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