Bland Chicken Be Gone

Hello all!

Jason and I are finally moved into our new apartment and really enjoying getting into the swing of things.

Ok, so I still have one box to unpack, but I’m close enough for now.

We have been cooking dinner pretty much every night, which keeps dinnertime fun, a team effort and cheap. I’m proud to say that most of our dinners come in at under $5 a person! But I will probably enjoy going out to eat again soon.

Although it’s nice to cook, it’s always nice to be cooked for. When I wasn’t feeling well this weekend, Jason cooked two homemade meals for me (including making his own pasta sauce from scratch). I’m very blessed.

A Real Housewife of Fayetteville

I’ve officially been married for over a week now…and it has been wonderful!

I’m already doing that lame wife thing where I can’t hardly wait until my husband calls at 5 p.m. and tells me he’s headed home from work. I know, lame! Although being an apartment wife (for now) was not my original plan, I’m enjoying the time to get organized and plan and cook delicious meals for my husband and me.

Party in a Bar

I have had the privilege of attending some pretty great parties lately.
This is one of the many things that comes along with getting married that really rocks. I have enjoyed some delicious meals, yummy sweets and fellowship with amazing friends and family over the past few months.
I even got to ride in a stretch Escalade limo (thanks to my amazing maid of honor for this idea) last weekend at my bachelorette party!
I have had a recipe saved on foodgawker for a while that is certainly worthy of a party: Cake batter bars.

Handy from the pantry


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind.

I have driven home to Hot Springs and back twice in the past two weeks (once in the worst rain storm for 4 hours). I got a terrible chest cold for one week plus…and my apartment has been an absolute mess in the midst of everything.
But, I would have to say that I have had some really great times in the past few weeks, too. I had an amazing brunch wedding shower, a fantastic bridal portrait shoot at Garvan Woodland Gardens (the amazing botanical garden where we’re getting married), and I got some good hours hanging out with family and friends back home.
And even though I haven’t spent a legitimate amount of time with my fiancee in the past few weeks, we are getting married in a MONTH, and that’s enough to get me through the craziness!

Scrumptious from Scratch

When I first started dating my now fiance three and a half years ago, one of our favorite things to do together was make late-night brownies and watch movies.
We both have a pretty good sweet tooth (mine being a little bit sweeter with a penchant for chocolate), and I love remembering those wonderful nights of eating warm, gooey brownies and the excitement of getting to know each other.

Follow Friday

As i sit here quickly eating a pimento cheese sandwich before I head out the door, I’m thinking of how thankful I am for other’s food blogs.
I would have to say one of my favorite hobbies is finding and following food blogs. They inspire me to cook better and more often and to be more adventurous with ingredients. Also, they show me how much I have to learn about food photography and ways to present food in a creative way.
For this follow Friday, I have got a few fantastically, mouth-watering and beautifully photographed food blogs for you to check out!

My recent food adventures

Wow. It’s been a few weeks since I have updated. My apologies.

Life has been busy, I haven’t cooked in awhile and I just got over the stomach flu.
Anyway, I have had some delicious meals over the past few weeks. So, here’s what’s been going on in my culinary world.
I made ANOTHER bundt cake…I’m seeing a pattern here! Instead of a fruit-filled cake, I changed it to chocolate chip to please the chocolate lovers over at the Flack home, my in-laws.

Soup there it is!

Soup there it is!
If you are confused by this phrase , please familiarize yourself with this:
Justin Timberlake’s Homelessville skit is one of my favorites and is a great play on words for soup songs. Sorry the video is recorded. It’s the best I could find.
Let me see that minestrone!
Anyway, even though the weather hasn’t really been wintery or cold around here (right now, it’s 65 degrees), I have been in the mood for soup.
It’s warm, comforting and usually pretty good for you and filled with veggies.

Buttermilk: It’s not just for your grandparents anymore


The word brings a gloppy, old milk-like image to mind.

The only way I have experienced buttermilk has been through parents and grandparents. I grew up watching my grandmother occasionally enjoy one of her favorite dinners: crumbled up cornbread with a healthy pour of buttermilk over it. It was a sort of old-school cereal, I suppose. Also, my mom cooks with buttermilk sometimes, and when she does my dad gets excited about the prospect of getting a full glass of it with his dinner.

It’s not to say that I have anything against buttermilk, I just haven’t had a reason to use it in my past 23 years, but now that I’m 24, I have found a few ways to really appreciate what this sour milk can do.

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