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Easter Brunch Ideas

It’s Easter week, ya’ll. And it’s such an exciting time to celebrate new life, hope and blessing. We are so blessed! It’s also a great time to plan what the heck you’re going to cook for whoever will be joining you at your Easter table. Here are some more non-conventional Easter brunch ideas.

Simple Saturday: French Toast

It’s the weekend! And I know you’re craving a sweet, decadent treat for breakfast, brunch or any meal. I’ve got a really basic but fantastic French toast recipe for your weekend sweet-eating needs. The one thing that’s really important in French toast is the bread. The bread is the foundation that needs to be perfect […]

Breakfast of Real Champions

If you’ve been keeping up with the Fruitful blog for awhile, you know that this is a place where breakfast is treated with creativity and respect. I love breakfast…and if I ever deny myself breakfast then I will pay with a crazy loud grumbling stomach and less-than-kind attitude. You feel me?

Shrimp Season

I’m not really sure if seafood has a season. But I do know that I am a fan of it…and it reminds me of a handful of beloved family summer trips spent in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I actually don’t know a ton about cooking seafood, so I’m hoping to get some good experience in the […]

St. Patty’s Day Greens

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you can take today to relax, wear some green and cook some Irish-inspired, green things! Crisp up some kale. Whip up some colcannon. (Psst…it’s just mashed potatoes with cabbage or kale.) Enjoy a piece of super sharp Irish cheddar. Or try my new favorite veg: sauteed cabbage with onions. […]

Simple Saturday: Flour Tortillas

Guess what, next time it’s taco night, you can totally make your own tortillas! It’s the truth! I did it and you can definitely do it. All you have to do is combine flour with some olive oil, salt and water then cook them on the stove for a few minutes. And you’ve got your […]

Best Pasta Sauce Ever

Have you ever had a dish that tasted incredibly delicious but was so simple? This pasta sauce falls into this category. I stopped using pasta sauce from the jar about a year ago because it always seemed to just sit in the fridge and eventually go bad. And most jarred sauces have a lot of […]

Simple Saturday: How to Cook Kale

The other day someone asked me how to cook kale. And my face lit up and I got extremely enthusiastic about explaining the delicious merits of this green veg. Because kale deserves excitement! Kale is the perfect side dish, pasta mix-in, pizza topping, salad green and even chip. I call it nature’s popcorn, because when […]

Going Seasonal

A few days ago I wrote about Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, a fabulous book that has changed the way I think about food in many ways. It focused a lot on the positive, lasting impact of seasonal eating and buying locally. It’s amazing, when you think of it, how greatly the quality and taste of our […]