Pastry-Topped Apple Pandowdy

apple pandowdy

Am I the only one who gets excited when they hear of a food with an unusual name?!

I am a pretty curious person (like the type of person who always looks up words they don’t know), so I love learning new food knowledge. That’s probably also why I have the capacity to sustain a food blog for 6 years and not get bored…and cause you readers are so awesome!

apple pandowdy

So, when I saw that Bon Appetit had a recipe for Apple Pandowdy and that it combined the season’s best apples and puff pastry, I was all about it!

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Ingredient of the Month: Apples

apples: ingredient of the month

By last week’s apple season post, you might have been able to guess the Ingredient of the Month.

There’s a reason why apples have been a staple in our diets for hundreds and hundreds of years. And I love how farmers and apple enthusiasts are doing all they can to keep the heirloom varieties alive. Because, ya’ll, those less-heard-of varieties are some of the best!

Check out this Gravy podcast for more heirloom apple info.

arkansas-black apples

I’m betting that you already know all about how to buy apples (go local!) and how to store them (put those babies in the fridge to keep them crisp and cool), so let’s talk unique varieties in apples. Put down those red delicious apples…and don’t ever buy them again. You’re about to be introduced to some of the most fun, delicious apples!

Pink Lady

You might have heard of this one, but have you tried it? I’m a HUGE fan of pink lady apples (and the cocktail). Cripps Pink apples are a great all-around eating, baking and well anything apple.

Why you’ll love them: Sweet, tart, beautifully pink

How to use them: Crisps, for snacking, baking


senshu apples

This is a new variety to me (a relative of the Fuji) that’s available in these early days of apple season. It’s a refreshing apple with a light crisp and hint of sweetness.

Why you’ll love them: Balance of tart and sweet, light crunch, juicy

How to use them: For snacking, pies, baked goods Read more

6 Recipes for Apple Season

6 apple recipes

It’s heeeereeee!

Apple season! And yes, if you were here with me in real life, I would be acting just as excited as I sound.

Apples are absolutely one of my favorite foods. They might be the perfect food: filling, sweet, tart, crunchy and local (if you’re lucky). There are so many wonderful varieties of apples, but I think I’ll dive into that another day on the blog.

Now is the perfect time to head to your best farmers market or orchard and grab every crisp apple variety that you have and haven’t heard of.

Without further ado, here are 6 apple recipes that will help you make the most of this blessed apple season.

Recipes start from top left

1. Arkansas Black Apple Crumb Cake

Whether you’re using an heirloom variety of apple (like the Arkansas black) or whatever you have on hand, it will be great in this cinnamon-filled, fluffy crumb cake.

2. Carolina Apple Sidecar

You’ll only need fresh apple for a garnish on this fall-inspired cocktail. Grab some apple brandy, lemon and apple cider for this refreshing treat.

3. Salted Caramel Apple Tart

Bust out your sea salt and puff pastry to make this simple yet beautiful apple tart that is sure to impress.

4. Apple Pear Crisp

This is one of the best crisp recipes I’ve stumbled upon in the past few years. The apples and pears make a great marriage of flavors and create the perfect foundation for vanilla ice cream.

5. Aged Cheddar & Apple Grilled Cheese

Make your apples savory and great as a side for soup with this easy but fancy cheddar and apple grilled cheese sammy.

6. Puffy Apple Pancake

The Puffy Apple Pancake is a Pennington family classic (thanks, mom), and it has made many a Saturday morning extra special. It’s crisp, sweet, tangy and a step above your average pancake.

Happy apple season, ya’ll!