Pastry-Topped Apple Pandowdy

Am I the only one who gets excited when they hear of a food with an unusual name?! I am a pretty curious person (like the type of person who always looks up words they don’t know), so I love learning new food knowledge. That’s probably also why I have the capacity to sustain a […]

Ingredient of the Month: Apples

By last week’s apple season post, you might have been able to guess the Ingredient of the Month. There’s a reason why apples have been a staple in our diets for hundreds and hundreds of years. And I love how farmers and apple enthusiasts are doing all they can to keep the heirloom varieties alive. […]

6 Recipes for Apple Season

It’s heeeereeee! Apple season! And yes, if you were here with me in real life, I would be acting just as excited as I sound. Apples are absolutely one of my favorite foods. They might be the perfect food: filling, sweet, tart, crunchy and local (if you’re lucky). There are so many wonderful varieties of apples, but […]

Ice Cream Not Optional

I love bringing you guys creative, ethnic, out-of-the-ordinary new recipes to spice up your weekday or weekend meals. But I also love making homey, comforting meals that remind me of good things. This classic Apple Crisp (recipe from my mom) reminds me of helping mom serve Sunday lunch to large groups.