Chicken & Dumpling (Well, Gnocchi) Soup

Y’allllll. Y’all, ya’ll!

This is one of the better recipes I’ve made in awhile (and that’s saying a lot since I’ve made some goodies recently).

You start with a humble rotisserie chicken, and then you use all of its fat and flavor to make THE BEST chicken broth over about half an hour. It’s unctuous and so comforting.

You also throw some hearty carrot and celery slices into the mix to make it that more comforting.

And then you throw some gnocchi into the pot and let it soak up some flavor for a few minutes. And then, you can add some spinach for health (though we forgot it in ours).

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Serious Soup

Chicken wild rice soup

We’re making it through this week, guys. We really are.

Even though the weather is a weird in between summer and fall, too hot for leggings and boots, too cold for skirts, we’re making it through.

We’re enjoying the leaves changing at their own pace, drinking Trader Joe’s samples of apple cider and eating local apples like they’re going out of style.

Chicken wild rice soup

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Soup in Sickness and in Health


Well, my last week was spent resting up from the sinus/sore throat/death cough/can’t fall asleep for 4 hours funk.

And it is not fun…in case you were wondering.

But there’s nothing that makes your marriage stronger than going together to the walk-in clinic for the same sickness and spending the next three days caring for each other.

You definitely know you’re sick when you’re a foodie and all you eat for a whole day is a piece of toast and you’re not even hungry.


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