Falafel-Style Chickpea Fritters

chickpea fritters

I’ve got another vegetarian wonder of a meal for you today.

Even if you’re not vegetarian, you’ve got to give some love to chickpeas. They are full of protein, they go great with spices, and they can be eaten whole, smashed or pureed.

If you’re a fan of Mediterranean food and trying several different things, then you will love these Chickpea Fritters.

chickpea fritters

We served ours with the yogurt sauce included in the recipe, a cucumber salad, tzatziki, hummus and pita bread. Go ahead and make it a feast! That’s one thing that I love about Greek and Mediterranean food is that it encourages family-style eating and lots of sampling and trying.

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Simple Saturday: Smashed Chickpea Salad

smashed chickpea salad

This weather. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been on vacation for the past week, but I have been reveling in the crisp breezes and hints of sun this spring.

With spring will come the perfect days to enjoy a little picnic by yourself or with friends or family.

I think picnics are a great way to get out the day-to-day, be refreshed by nature and enjoy some tasty tidbits while you’re at it.

The only problem is that sun that wreak havoc on many foods. Let’s face it: Not every food is picnic-friendly. Chicken parm, no thanks. PB&J, too boring? Cheeseburger and fries, too heavy?

If you’re having trouble narrowing your picnic choices down, or you’re just looking for an excuse to sit in the sun, I’ve got a portable and healthy, picnic-ready Chickpea Salad for you.

smashed chickpea salad

I love the simplicity of this recipe. It’s so simple, that it’s great for today’s Simple Saturday.

All you have to do is smash some chickpeas with your fork, along with avocado, herbs (dill is nice), mayo, lemon juice, onion and seasonings. Wrap it in naan, put it in a pita or scoop onto some greens for a satisfying vegetarian picnic for 1 or 100.

smashed chickpea salad

Here’s how you make it:

  1. Empty 1 can of drained chickpeas into a medium bowl and mash most of them with a fork or knife.
  2. Mash 1/2 avocado in another bowl with a little mayo and lemon juice. Add to the chickpeas.
  3. Add in choppedĀ greenĀ onion and dill (or parsley), mix together, and season with salt and pepper to taste.