Spring Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

cookie ice cream sandwich with popcorn

This is not a sponsored post, but I do love popcorn.

Spring has sprung… and I basically can’t stop making new desserts.

With all of the fresh fruit and citrus coming in season (and butter and flour always in my fridge and pantry),  I’ve been in full-fledged baking mode.

But, there are also times when you want to celebrate all that’s wonderful about spring (being outside, celebrating with friends, taking it easy) without working too hard to create a tasty treat.

cookie ice cream sandwich with popcorn

This “recipe” or food idea of sorts is perfect for those times.

I was inspired by SkinnyPop popcorn to share a spring, popcorn-inspired recipe.  I couldn’t help but imagine my popcorn in a  halo around a cookie sandwiched with vanilla ice cream.

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