2018 Food Resolutions

2018 is off to a great start!

I had a super relaxing and fun week with family back in Arkansas, and now I’m back home and ready to dive back into work and normal life. We also got to bring in the New Year eating tasty food at home, playing Linkee and then Mario Kart on our new Nintendo Switch. Today, I’m catching up on the blogging (obviously) and enjoying my last day off.

It’s also been a good day to consider my 2018 food resolutions.

So, here’s what I accomplished in 2017:

  • Cooked from cookbooks and paper recipes more. I cooked from just cookbooks for one month, and it was a great way to use my recipe books!
  • Made my meal plan budget a priority and encouraged you to, as well, with the How to Save Money series.
  • Hosted several Sunday dinners and had people over for dinner every few months. This was a really fun thing to do to host new people and work on our entertaining skills.
  • Made more homemade foods, like dumplings and homemade pasta. I also made homemade flatbread with yeast (gasp?!), which I used to be scared of.
  • I didn’t give up any foods or eating out, but maybe I can this year?!

So, now on to my resolutions for 2018:

1. Eat more seafood

I am not very good at buying and cooking seafood often (other than canned tuna and fresh shrimp), so I would like to eat and cook more seafood this year. We have so much great local seafood in NC, so I’m dreaming of steamed mussels, fresh fish and maybe even some grilled fish!

2. Cook from my recipe box

I have this wonderful recipe box of family recipes that my mom gave me several Christmases ago, and there are lots of recipes in there that I haven’t made or haven’t cooked in quite awhile. With this in mind, I would like to use more of those recipes, as well as use my cookbooks more.

3. Start a cookbook club

In an effort to cook from my cookbooks more regularly, I have an idea to start a cookbook club in my neighborhood and host get-togethers where we all bring a dish cooked from a cookbook. Hopefully I can get this started in the next few months!

4. Give up something

Since I didn’t do this well last year, I’ll continue it into this year. I would like to give up eating out for a month and/or try to cut down on sugar or meat sometime this year.

5. Watch food documentaries

Have you noticed how many food documentaries there are on Netflix? Chef’s Table, Mind of a Chef, the list goes on and on, and I want to watch more of them! They’re interesting and educational, so it’s really a win-win. I’ve also started watching The Great British Bake Off Masterclass show.

What are your food resolutions for 2018?

2017 Food Resolutions

Happy New Year!

This year is already off to a great start.

Don’t you just love a fresh start to evaluate your life and make some new goals?! I’ve spent some good time breaking in my new Rifle planner, I’ve decided that my phrase for the year is “moving forward,” and I’m ready for a great January and rest of the year. My family members and I have even started planning spring and summer trips and vacations- what fun!

Last year, I made good use of my food resolutions and:

For 2017, I’m looking to get more focused on my blog posts, offering posts and recipes that you can really love and use in your day-to-day life. I would also like to try lots of new recipes!

1. Cook from paper

Are you like me and have a stack of cookbooks and plastic baggies full of cut-up recipes from magazines? Maybe you are or maybe you’re not, but I think it’s about time for me to focus on cooking from books and “paper” recipes. So, I’m making a goal of only cooking from paper recipes for the month of January (no online recipes allowed). While I’ll keep posting wonderful recipes on the blog, I won’t be cooking from other blog recipes to explore what I’ve already got in my extended recipe box. I’m also excited about this because I got my husband a killer cookbook for Christmas, and we’ve already started cooking from it!

2. Give up something

I know this was on my list last year (when I ended up going vegetarian for Lent), but I would really like to try this again. Maybe I can give up sugar…not sure, but maybe. Or maybe I can give up dessert. Or maybe I should give up fast food. There are lots of options, and you know I’ll be blogging about it.

3. Focus on my budget, help you save $

For the past few months in our house, our budget has been well, not exactly an exact science. With Paris travel, hosting Thanksgiving and traveling for Christmas, we spent a lot on different unexpected things. Although it was a great year of travel, I want to focus on getting my food (eating out/grocery, etc.) budget more exact. I hope to also help you save money with my How to Save Money monthly series on the blog.

4. Host Sunday Dinners

Although we have family over for dinner quite often, I would really like to invite more friends over for dinner. This is probably a goal I have every year, but I think if I start doing Sunday Dinners once every few months, then I can just make a bunch of food and invite lots of friends over to partake. Our new dining room table can help us fit everyone, too.

5. More homemade foods

In 2017, I would love to make more homemade things. I’m talking homemade pasta, gnocchi and ricotta as a few that come to mind. It’s always fun to see how many store-bought things you can eliminate from the pantry and fridge. Maybe once I get those things down pat, I can incorporate them into a Sunday Dinner?

Do you have any food resolutions for the new year?

Happy 2017, ya’ll!

2016 Food Resolutions


Hello out there and happiest of new years to you!

I hope your year is starting off with some good food, friends and relaxation. Or at least I hope you have plans to enjoy those things sometime soon.

I am really looking forward to this year as a blogger, cook, writer and as a hopeful human being. I want to make it my goal to “let go” this year, as in not worrying about things as much and not feeling the need to compete with others.

I would also like to cook a ton of new things, have dinner parties, go to Europe, get a puppy and start a garden. Phew- I’m really shooting for the stars, huh?!

So, that’s me personally, but back to the food.

I did pretty good on last year’s food resolutions, and I achieved 4 out of my 5 resolutions. Although I haven’t made a roast yet, I did make a roast chicken, which was INCREDIBLE and I will be sharing soon! I also continued to grow my food photography, hung out with other bloggers some and hosted lots of meals. I started the year hosting someone new for dinner each month and continued that until we moved in the summer, and then had new people over at different times throughout the rest of the year.

I’m planning on keeping this blog thing going throughout the year, and I hope to come up with some new series or stick to my classic ones better.

Here’s what else I’m thinking for this year:

1. Make a roast or stew

Again, this one is carried over from last year. I am still working on my skills cooking meat, and I would love to try making a roast or a beef stew. Perhaps even a Sunday “dinner” (lunch) with friends after church is in my future in 2016.

2. Explore new cultures of home cooking

With this I’m thinking about making new dishes from other cultures, like British things (bubble and squeak and sticky toffee pudding have been on my list for awhile) and more Indian meals. I got this Indian cookbook for Christmas, and I want to make and eat just about everything in it!

3. Grow my blogging skills

With my subscription to Food Photography School and Skillshare, I would really like to use those resources this year to learn more about photography, blogging and websites, and use what I learn to make my blog a more user friendly place.

4. Keep cooking for others

I’m always pushing myself to host others more, and now that we’re settled into our home, it’s totally doable. I would love to host more dinner parties this year, as well as take other people meals. Oh, and I need to meet some more neighbors, so food is always a good way to do that!

5. Give up something

I know this sounds a little counterintuitive, but I would like at some point this year to give up a food, drink or something for a short amount of time. Like maybe give up cheese for a month. Or stop eating refined sugar. Or only eat in for a month. I’ve kind of always wanted to do this/been scared to, but it would be neat to blog about it. If you have any ideas, let me know!

Thank you for following along on my adventures.

If you have any New Year’s food resolutions or resolutions otherwise, I would love to hear about them!

Happy 2016, ya’ll!

2015 Food Resolutions

happy new year

Happy 2015 everyone!

I can’t believe it’s time for another food resolution post.

Do you remember the one from last year?

I achieved most of my resolutions (like making shakshuka, hosting more people and interacting with other bloggers), but I have to say that I’ll carry a few over.

Well, here’s this year’s list. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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Food Resolutions 2013

Hello again, folks!

I hope everyone’s new year is starting out fantastically.

I wanted to take this time at the beginning of the year to look at my food resolutions from 2012 and make some new ones for 2013.

Here were my resolutions from last year, only one of which was left unaccomplished. I hosted a few dinner parties this year, I made bread (Rosemary Cheese Buttermilk Biscuits), I have cooked a lot more real meals and Jason and I cook together most weeknights!

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