25 Vegan Meal Ideas

vegan meals

This week, I’m having a friend over who can’t eat dairy.

And that got me thinking: What type of meals are good for vegans and non-dairy folks?

Although my husband and I don’t eat a ton of meat (just 1-2 meals per week), I do love my butter, milk and cream. On the other hand, I don’t miss those things one bit in a good curry!

I bet we all have a friend, neighbor or loved one (or maybe you’re vegan yourself), and we all need some quick and flavorful meal ideas to make sure we/they’re not missing out. Obviously, these are great ideas for vegetarians, too!

So, here are my and your 25 vegan meal ideas (with the help of my wonderful Facebook friends):

1. Asian, Thai and Indian dishes

I think we can all agree that Asian food in all of its varieties are a great go-to for vegan meals.

I’m talking:

2. Chickpeas rock!

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans are such a great source of protein and can really absorb other flavors…and they’re vegan!

3. Coconut milk and curry are your friends

Coconut milk is a great way to not use dairy and still get that creamy consistency. I’m a huge fan of combining curry paste (red or green) with coconut milk, veggies, broth and a few other things to make an incredibly tasty meal.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like curry, then try one of these recipes and see if it doesn’t change your mind:

4. Soup is where it’s at

Soup can easily be cheap, healthy and leave you with lots of amazing leftovers! And it’s simple to make vegan, too.

These vegan meals are extra fun because they allow you to explore new flavors and embrace other culture’s food traditions!

Other honorable mentions include:

Post-Holiday Soup

red bean and farro soup

Your meal plan wants this.

It needs something satisfying yet healthful.

Something with lots of fall/winter flavors but maybe more vegetable-forward. (Anyone else turkey-ed out? P.S. My first hosted Thanksgiving was a huge success.)

Something that only takes a few pantry and fresh items to come together.

red bean and farro soup

Something that you can pair with a crusty piece of bread or avocado toast.

Something like this Red Bean & Farro Soup.

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Reset Soup

curry carrot soup

I’m back to eating meat, ya’ll (post Lenten vegetarianism)!

It’s kind of exciting. Last weekend, I reveled in being able to eat bacon and pork shoulder within a few days. And then, I realized that my upset stomach might have meant that I overdid it.

Everything in moderation, but I have to admit that I’m glad to being back to eating what I want. A little tasty protein is quite enjoyable.

Anyway, so I needed a way to cleanse myself of my meat eating, and I knew exactly what to turn to.

curry carrot soup

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Indian-Inspired Soup for a Possible Snow Day

mulligatawny soup

I keep hoping, praying for one more snow day during these winter months.

Snow is a special thing when you live in the South. It may make people go crazy and buy everything off of the shelves at the grocery store, but any sign of the little flakes gives everyone an excuse to stay in, wear your warmest pjs and make a big pot of soup in case you’re snowed in for days.

When I’m making my big pot of soup, I prefer one with curry powder or garam masala, or both! I’m also a big fan of sweet potato and any chance to use my own vegetable stock.

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Spice It Up

spicy sweet potato soup

How spicy do you like your food?

I like my food with a little bit of spice and kick. I would say it’s like a 2-3 stars out of 5 at a Thai restaurant type of situation, or a medium salsa situation.

Spice is a great component because it’s kind of addictive, it add lots of flavor and it’s healthy and kind of exciting. A hint of cayenne, hot sauce or chili can wake up your taste buds and help you clear your sinuses.

Spice is also the basis of so many cuisines of the world: Asian, Thai, Indian, Mexican. Every country has some iconic type of spice, I would say…except for maybe America. But, we’re working on that! (Does pepper jelly count? Probably not.)

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6 Stellar Soups



You might have picked up by now that I LOVE a good soup.

I can’t imagine life without soups, and I get really excited about making my old classics and picking up some new soup recipes this time of year.

What could be better than a good bowl of soup? I honestly don’t know.

Since I have so many soup recipes that I’ve featured on the blog over the years, I wanted to share 6 stellar, amazing, easy and delicious soup recipes that hopefully you can enjoy, too!

1. Ribbolita


This Italian-inspired soup is full of a healthy broth, white beans, kale and topped with nutty Parmesan. This is a perfect light meal that still fills you up.

2. Jalapeno Lime Chicken Soup

jalapeno lime chicken soup

I had actually kind of forgotten about how amazing this soup was until I was compiling this list. It’s spicy (thanks to salsa verde) and quick and makes amazing leftovers.

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Post-Party Soup

chickpea and pasta soup

I sure hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.

As you can see by my blog absence for the last week, I had a wonderful few days off. No work and not much cooking, just eating, laughing and relaxing in Charleston, SC – which is a fine place to do such things.

I’m wondering if like me you are looking for some simple dinner or lunch ideas that are cheap, easy to prepare and will help you detox from maybe overdoing it last week.

You might even have all of the ingredients laying around already.

chickpea and pasta soup

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Veg Fest + Bacon

provencal vegetable soup

A lot of people think I’m a vegetarian.

And I would lie if I said I didn’t play around with the idea. I love vegetables of all shapes, sizes and tastes. In fact, one of my favorite meals is a baked sweet potato.

But, then, there’s pork. Pulled pork. Bacon. Sausage.

I love vegetables, but I love my pork.

Out of this love comes this Provencal Vegetable Soup.

provencal vegetable soup

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Seasonal Thai Soup

thai squash soup

Where we live (kind of out in the country), we don’t have many restaurants nearby.

The best we’ve got is a fast food joint about 15 minutes away.

This is both good and bad. It’s good when you need to save money and eat leftovers. And it’s bad when you want some tasty local food without driving all over the place.

We’re also super far from our favorite Thai place, so I don’t think we’ll be getting takeout any time soon.

So, thank goodness, we found this recipe for Thai Squash Soup.

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Summa Chowda

summer corn chowder

Soups are definitely my thing year-round, so I’m always happy to discover some soups to enjoy in the summer.

I also love using up my recent farm stand purchases. Have I mentioned that I now live 5 minutes from a farm stand?

When I saw this Summer Corn Chowder recipe, I made a point to pick up corn cobs and new potatoes the next time I was at the farm stand.

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