25 Vegan Meal Ideas

vegan meals

This week, I’m having a friend over who can’t eat dairy.

And that got me thinking: What type of meals are good for vegans and non-dairy folks?

Although my husband and I don’t eat a ton of meat (just 1-2 meals per week), I do love my butter, milk and cream. On the other hand, I don’t miss those things one bit in a good curry!

I bet we all have a friend, neighbor or loved one (or maybe you’re vegan yourself), and we all need some quick and flavorful meal ideas to make sure we/they’re not missing out. Obviously, these are great ideas for vegetarians, too!

So, here are my and your 25 vegan meal ideas (with the help of my wonderful Facebook friends):

1. Asian, Thai and Indian dishes

I think we can all agree that Asian food in all of its varieties are a great go-to for vegan meals.

I’m talking:

2. Chickpeas rock!

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans are such a great source of protein and can really absorb other flavors…and they’re vegan!

3. Coconut milk and curry are your friends

Coconut milk is a great way to not use dairy and still get that creamy consistency. I’m a huge fan of combining curry paste (red or green) with coconut milk, veggies, broth and a few other things to make an incredibly tasty meal.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like curry, then try one of these recipes and see if it doesn’t change your mind:

4. Soup is where it’s at

Soup can easily be cheap, healthy and leave you with lots of amazing leftovers! And it’s simple to make vegan, too.

These vegan meals are extra fun because they allow you to explore new flavors and embrace other culture’s food traditions!

Other honorable mentions include: