Falafel-Style Chickpea Fritters

chickpea fritters

I’ve got another vegetarian wonder of a meal for you today.

Even if you’re not vegetarian, you’ve got to give some love to chickpeas. They are full of protein, they go great with spices, and they can be eaten whole, smashed or pureed.

If you’re a fan of Mediterranean food and trying several different things, then you will love these Chickpea Fritters.

chickpea fritters

We served ours with the yogurt sauce included in the recipe, a cucumber salad, tzatziki, hummus and pita bread. Go ahead and make it a feast! That’s one thing that I love about Greek and Mediterranean food is that it encourages family-style eating and lots of sampling and trying.

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Confessions of a Lenten Vegetarian

veggie meatballs at Oak City Meatball Shoppe

We’re kicking off the week here on the blog with a little personal update…a diary of sorts.

For the past 11 days or so, I have been eating vegetarian. This was sort of one of my food resolutions for 2016, and I thought what better a time than Lent to give something up and let it help remind me to thank God for who He is and what He has given me.

Other than the spiritual inspiration, this time of year is a great one to detox and get your health back in gear.

I’ve also just wondered if it would be hard for me to eat vegetarian since I’ve adapted more meat-eating habits since moving to NC…thanks, bbq pork.

So, I started on this journey a week and a half ago (Wednesday), and it’s already teaching me a few things.

Here are my thoughts about it so far:

Restaurants are generally accommodating to vegetarians

I have had quite a few lunches out since Ash Wednesday, so I’ve had a chance to say no to meat and yes to veggies while eating out. I’ve discovered that this really isn’t that hard…especially at all of the local spots we have in Raleigh.

From the cucumber salad and hummus combo at Garland to the incredible vegetarian salad options at Neomonde to veggie “meatballs” at Oak City Meatball Shoppe, I have done pretty well. Not to mention, that all of those meals were $10 or under.

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Cast Iron Comfort Food


Recently I made a very important cooking purchase: a cast iron skillet.

I know that cast irons are great for Southern cooking and a good heavy-bottomed dish for eggs, bacon, potatoes, camping foods and oven pancakes. Although I don’t go camping much, I love my breakfast food, so I knew even if I just used the cast iron for those things, it would be worth it.

And boy was I wrong, because in the past month I really haven’t found much that I can’t make in my cast iron.

It’s especially great as I’m still in winter-mode and craving comfort food, like this Vegetarian Pot Pie.

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