Slow Cooker Lazy Lasagna

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It’s funny with cooking how you can be so fastidious with some things and so lazy with others.

Do you know what I’m saying?

As in I will spend an hour in the kitchen on a quiche or pie, but I’ve never in my life made lasagna because it seems like too much work.

But I guess it’s like that in life, too. We’re all perfectionistic and overbearing about some things and others we just don’t care about.

In my search for an easy baked pasta, lasagna-type dish that didn’t take too much work, I stumbled upon this Cheesy “Baked” Spinach & Mozzarella Rigatoni. It was an easy, one-pot dish, looked delicious and was cooked in a slow cooker!


My lazy lasagna self was totally on board.

This Deconstructed Lasagna (as I like to call it) is cheesy, tasty and hearty with bits of spinach throughout. I suppose you could also add vegetables or meats to it if you liked. And it’s seriously like you throw most of the ingredients into a slow cooker, set it for a few hours and get to come back to a perfect, home-cooked meal.

And I love using Campanelle pasta in this recipe because they look like little frilly trumpets (which is always fun) and they soak up the sauce and flavor really well.


If you’re like me and have shied away from making lasagna or you’re just feeling like spending your time on something else, give this baked pasta a try!

And a big thanks to my friend Aubree who asked for some creative slow cooker meal ideas. I hope this helps and if you ever have a suggestion or recipe need please leave a comment or email me at


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