Chili in a Skillet

skillet veggie chili

Now that we’re back into winter (with even some snow on the ground), I find myself turning to my cast iron skillet for cooking and flavor.

This heavy kitchen tool can be relied on to cook everything from crisp bacon to steak to pot pie. And it’s nice that it goes from the stovetop to the oven so easily.

In this Skillet Veggie Chili recipe, you make use of your cast iron pal, along with plenty of canned pantry items. Once you’ve got this seasoned, hearty vegetarian chili going, all you need is a bed of Fritos, some sour cream and those pickled red onions that you whipped up so easily.

skillet veggie chili

This filling meal only takes 30-45 minutes to make, and it will be easy on your budget, too!

If you’ve got another snow storm coming your way, I suggest putting this Skillet Veggie Chili on your meal plan and grocery shopping list.

skillet-veggie-chili recipe card

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