Just Simple: Tomato Soup

Well, now that it’s Sunday…I guess I can’t call this recipe a Simple Saturday one.

But it’s still very simple and delicious!

It’s tomato soup and it can be ready in like 5 minutes.

I adapted this recipe from the Girl Makes Food blog.

To make it you just saute onions and garlic in oil, add in the canned tomatoes, herbs and milk and blend until creamy. And if you want to add a few splashes of heavy cream, go for it!

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Caramel Apples All Grown Up

After I hit the teenage years and Halloween rolled around, I was always sad that I had never eaten a caramel apple as a child.

I felt like I had missed something, like I had been left out of the cool club.
I’m not sure why I was never around caramel apples…perhaps my parents wanted me to keep all of my teeth intact. And maybe they didn’t want me jumping off the ceilings from the sugar rush.

Simple Saturday: White Bean Salad

This week, I threw this dish together because I was in need of a salad that didn’t contain lettuce (because we were out).

It was quite a conundrum.

Then, I remembered that I had a can of white beans in the pantry and since the salad was accompanying pasta, the Italian vibe would totally work.

I made this super simple salad by combining washed, drained white beans with carrots, freshly chopped basil, oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and a bit of garlic salt.

I mixed it all together and threw it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

It was a delicious and fresh side to our Italian meal.

P.S. White beans are also great on lettuce salads with tuna and in this amazing app. If you have any other great uses for these dandy beans, give me a shout out.

Simple Saturday: Popcorn in a Bag

I’ve been spending a glorious weekend in my hometown, hanging out with my family and wonderful husband.

It’s been so fun just being here and not having an agenda, not having anywhere certain to be and just enjoying life together.

And this Simple Saturday recipe is absolutely perfect for relaxing weekends in front of a big game or your favorite flick with friends or family.

Chill out and make some popcorn in a bag!

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Happy Birthday Fruitful!

Happy 1st Birthday Fruitful!

I can’t hardly believe that it’s been a year since I started this wonderful journey of food blogging.

In the past year, I’ve cooked more than I probably ever have in my life.

I’ve made some really tasty treats and I’ve had some recipe failures as well.

What I’ve enjoyed most is when you, my wonderful fans, give me a shout out that you loved a recipe or share your own recipes. You are awesome!

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