New Year, New Curry

butternut squash curry

I hope I don’t sound like a broken record, but the weather so often determines what I’m craving.

And when it’s gloomy, cold (or weirdly warm, for that matter), all I want to do is sit around and eat something that warms me from the inside and makes me feel full without a doubt. This can often lead to overeating salt, cheese and cream, which there are definitely times for.

But, today, I have a new curry recipe that will allow you to dig into comfort food that makes you feel good and have plenty of energy for Netflix watching, cuddling with your pet or chasing kids around the house. And it features our Ingredient of the Month!

butternut squash curry

This Butternut Squash Curry is a mix of crunchy celery, creamy butternut squash and sweet potato, and a spiced coconut milk sauce that brings it all together. Serve it on top of some fresh basmati or jasmine rice, and you’re in business. If you have some naan or chapati nearby, or a cilantro yogurt sauce, then bonus points for you!

Wait to get takeout until next week, and fire up the stove for a quick curry that is made for January days.

butternut-squash-curry recipe card

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